Andy Neal

andynAndy completed his M.S. in Forestry in May 2014.  While he was with us, he investigated the environmental impacts of establishing novel cellulosic biofuels cropping systems in Alabama.

Andy’s research focused on

  1. characterizing soil physical and chemical properties in experimental cellulosic biofuels systems watersheds in west-central Alabama
  2.  investigating soil C and N dynamics in response to different cellulosic biofuels treatments, and
  3. relating soil C and N dynamics to stream water quality parameters in these watersheds.

This study is part of a much larger collaborative project where similar systems are being studied across the southeastern US along a topographic gradient in an effort to understand a myriad of environmental impacts of growing cellulosic biofuels in the region.

Before coming to Virginia Tech, Andy earned his B.S. in Environmental Science (Geology minor) at Georgia College & State University. Following graduation, Andy spent a summer working as a hydrologic technician for the Bureau of Land Management in Medford, Oregon, and then worked as an environmental specialist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division in coastal Georgia.

Andy returned to school and received his M.S. in Geology (Hydrology and Geochemistry focus) at Kansas State University where he spent time in West Bengal, India. There he investigated the occurrence, distribution, and mobilization mechanisms of naturally-occurring arsenic in the highly spatially-heterogeneous Ganges River deltaic plain soils and sediments, where arsenic contamination of drinking water is considered the worst case of environmental poisoning in human history.

Andy is now a Staff Geologist with ERM, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.  He continues to have a genuine passion for understanding and improving the environment, especially with regard to soil and water.


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