Aryanna James and Rachel Pence Publish Paper on Assessing Impairment in Salinized Streams in Ecological Indicators

Former Research Assistant Aryanna James and former graduate student Rachel Pence have published a paper in Ecological Indicators titled “Taxon and trait-based sampling curves can be used as a tool for assessing impairment in salinized headwater streams.” 

Excerpt from the paper’s Abstract:

“In central Appalachian streams of the U.S.A., aquatic insect communities have lost diversity following salinization caused by mining activities. However, the number of taxa observed are dependent upon sampling effort. Incomplete sampling could misrepresent biodiversity and functional losses. Our goal was to use taxon sampling curves to estimate sampling effort required to maximize the probability of accurate benthic macroinvertebrate characterization in dominant riffle habitats of headwater streams. … Taxon and trait-based sampling curves suggest that greater overall sampling effort is needed and equal samples per stream was critical for complete diversity assessments regardless of the level of mining-induced salinization. Model-based sampling curves can serve as a tool to assess upper bounds on diversity metrics and sample-effort rigor.”

Read complete paper HERE.


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