Welcome Tony Timpano, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Photo of Tony TimpanoOur lab is happy to welcome Dr. Tony Timpano in his new role as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. Tony’s PhD research focused on characterizing community structural response to increasing salinity and determining the optimal method by which to quantify salinity for the purposes of modeling that response. Tony pursued his PhD as a Virginia Tech ICTAS Doctoral Scholar and as a Fellow in the Interfaces of Global Change Program.

As a Research Associate, Tony is continuing to investigate ecosystem responses to coal mining in Appalachian streams, with emphasis on salinization trends and bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of selenium. Now in its seventh year, Tony is working to sustain our long-term study of salinization, or the increase in dissolved major ions, which can cause declines in diversity of aquatic insects, a critical component of stream ecosystems. In addition, Tony is assisting in design and implementation of a study to measure how selenium, a potential toxic pollutant, moves through the food web from headwaters to rivers downstream. Improved understanding of how salinization and selenium affect mining-influenced streams should improve capability to manage those effects.

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